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uncertain evidence 6
uncertain evidence 6
Charcoal and Graphite on Inkjet Print
48 x 36"

Images taken from Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel’s archival book, Evidence. These artists parsed through hundreds of governmental, industrial, and scientific institutions (previously unavailable to the public). Often depicting absurd and wonderful scenes, these images lack a spatial reference. The aim of Uncertain Evidence is to embrace the chaos and chance of existence found in these images. First, these large prints are draped over objects such as televisions, chairs, desks, fire extinguisher housings, etc. These are everyday objects, assumed to have been commonplace in these institutional facilities. Through draping and molding, the prints would take on the shape of these objects. These objects were then traced onto the print, a 3-dimensional space is converted into a 2-dimensional space. Finally, Graphite maps/blueprints are drawn over the photographs. These maps depict the possible locations that these images were once housed in or taken from (LAPD, Stanford Research Institute, U.S. Department of the Interior, etc.). A phenomenon occurs here that is similar to traveling to France in order to experience Proust’s writings more subjectively and being horrified by your tepid experience that has replaced the idyllic writing. In trying to trace the vague existence of these image, one is sent into a realm of uncertainties rather than reaffirmations.